Carolina Speech Pathology has been the premier provider of bedside FEES® since 1996. As our reputation spreads as a leader in swallow study procedures, we are experiencing tremendous growth based on excellent word of mouth. We are a debt-free company which means we are a financially stable partner planning on providing you with excellent patient care for many years to come. We currently serve patients in AL, DC, DE, FL, GA, IN, MD, MI, NC, OH, OK, PA, SC, TN, TX, VA, and WV. We welcome the opportunity to visit your facility and establish a relationship to improve your patients’ lives.


  • Prompt service improves quality of care delivered by the facility
  • Improved clinical accuracy means earlier and more effective intervention with pneumonia patients thereby reducing hospital re-admission rates and drug costs (especially antibiotics for pneumonia)
  • More timely and more accurate diagnosis means reduction in the use of modified diets (pureed, honey thick, liquids, etc.)
  • Reduces the utilization of tube feeding and associated nursing labor costs


  • We hire the best FEES® trained SLPs which ensures success in passing the scope
    • SLPs must have 500 scope passes in acute care setting
    • Endoscopy skills assessed at interview stage
  • We constantly reassess our SLPs – helps with your JCHACO accreditation
    • Each of our SLPs must do quarterly field rides with a clinical supervisor
    • 10% of all studies will be reviewed by clinical supervisor
  • We are clinical experts/ partners
    • Each of our SLPs has taken an Esophageal dysphagia class
    • Our SLPs see themselves as educators/ consultants to aide your own SLPs
  • We maintain relationships with Key Thought Leaders in the field: LANGMORE (Boston Medical Center), CRARY (U of FL), GROHER (U of Redlands)


  • A call is all it takes/ no faxing required
  • Study done at patient’s bedside with real food. No radiation exposure
  • Reports are easy to read and provide useful information
  • Our SLPs are self-contained
  • Our model allows for your own SLPs to assist and maintain high productivity levels


  • One price
  • We follow CMS Consolidated Billing rules
  • We don’t un-bundle our services
    • Many providers may offer you a seemingly lower price, but they may be billing dysphagia therapy codes which belong to your own SLPs
    • No confusing mileage assessments


  • We use NDŌʜᴅ by Altaravision, the only HD system on the market
  • All reports are recorded and backed up on secure storage