From the desk of Kristin Sears-Kopp, Director of Clinical Services

Today I write this blog as Carolina Speech Pathology’s Director of Clinical Services. I started at this company over 10 years ago as a speech language pathologist completing FEES. After working in big healthcare for over 10 years, I joined CSP.  CSP is a small mobile business serving communities of people in multiple states. 

Being a small business, CSP has allowed me the growth and development to move into a position that oversees our clinical practices and clinicians. It is a role where I can contribute to the care of our patients, customers, and our SLPs. It also allowed me to be part of creating our Core Values. One of those values is flexibility.

Flexibility is a way of being, acting, and doing at CSP.  No work day is the same, and our employees move into work days with open mindedness and giving hearts. Our employees show flexibility with their time, their thoughts, their care plans, and their FEES studies. Our employees are life long learners who contribute to developing ideas in dysphagia management and healthcare. This flexible thinking benefits our patients, their families, and our field. 

Flexibility embraces and acknowledges ideas that support the employee’s well being, and this trickles into the care our patients and customers receive. It also allows us to be our best selves for each other at CSP. 

My hope is that as we continue to support flexibility as a Core Value at CSP, you the customer and you the patient will see this when we participate in your care. You may recognize it as us being fully present during a FEES study; us having the time and space to engage in clinical and professional conversations; us having the time and space to return phone calls and emails after hours; us providing open minded dysphagia management; us taking the last minute patient add-on; us completing a lengthy FEES study with biofeedback and compensations because your patient needed it; us asking you to get involved with our assessment for your patient; us sharing our recent journal club articles and research ventures; us sharing a smile and conversation. 




Kristin Sears-Kopp, MA/CCC-SLP

Director of Clinical Services