From the desk of Michele Dubay, Chief Financial Officer for Carolina Speech Pathology

In the past year, the Carolina Speech Pathology leadership team identified core values we felt defined Carolina Speech Pathology as a whole. One of those core values is integrity, and it is woven throughout our leadership team as each of us works together to provide the best customer service.  As the head of accounting and finance, I have found that team members look to me to provide a sound voice of fairness and integrity.  When I think on what integrity means in the workplace, I think of honesty, loyalty, respect and responsibility.  Integrity is critical to decision-making, serving our customers well, and leading employees.  

As the Chief Financial Officer, I am always considering what is best for our customers, our employees, and the business.  Since I joined Carolina Speech Pathology 7 years ago, we have doubled the number of employees to 41 (and growing!).  While we have grown to serve patients in 16 states, we are always looking to the future to reach our goal of positively impacting 1 million lives. Our team is striving to provide a work environment that promotes strong teams and encourages an ethical approach to decision making.

In order to serve so many patients in multiple states, we must be strategic on how we can meet the need of our customers over a large footprint while providing support to a mobile work force. Like most businesses that serve the senior living sector, we were most challenged following the Pandemic, and our leadership team had to navigate hardships never expected on both a financial and operational level.  We followed the changing guidance for both operations and the government support programs in order to continue to serve our patients and keep our employees’ jobs secure.

I have been in the accounting and finance world for almost 25 years, starting my career with a Big 4 auditing firm. While I have worked in corporate accounting for most of my career (mostly in the senior living and service sector), I most enjoy collaborating with the other departments at the company and seeing where we can make process improvements.  

The accounting and finance back office team at Carolina Speech Pathology consists of Sharon Gonthier, in charge of human resources and benefits; Christina Murphy, in charge of accounts receivable and customer accounts; and Terry Finch, in charge of information technology and customer service.  

I feel lucky to work with some of the most amazing people here at Carolina Speech Pathology and feel fortunate to work for a company thats key focus is bettering patient outcomes. We look forward to continuing to serve you with the highest level of integrity across all aspects of our reach.




Michele Dubay

Chief Financial Officer