From the desk of Kevin Jose, Director of Sales

When you think about “Reliable Excellence,” what comes to mind? For me, I think about having a high value of reputation, consistency, and doing your best.

Here at Carolina Speech, we are fortunate to have a wonderful team that is dedicated to improving lives. When a culture of reliable excellence is executed at such a high level, the positives seem to flood in. We see improved patient outcomes, a high level of focus on patient satisfaction, and genuine happiness across the board. Achieving a high standard of reliable excellence is so important to our goal of impacting 1 million lives.

A stat that always stands out to me and that highlights our clinical team’s excellence is our less than 3% patient refusal rate. This is a testament to the experience and care that our clinical team brings to the table. When we get asked about working within an extremely difficult situation, our clinicians barely bat an eye. They have encountered just about every scenario and have seen a high level of success in doing so.

Coming from the Health and Fitness industry, specifically sales and operations management, it is easy to see just how tough this industry is. It is great to see how operations can support sales at such a high level. I have been able to witness first hand how a team of many different skillsets is able to pull together to create amazing outcomes for our customers and achieving the common goal of improving lives.

One challenge that reliable excellence supports is the ability to cover our footprint over 16 states. When a footprint grows like ours has, it is imperative to create consistency. We need to ensure our customers in Texas receive the same level of care that our North Carolina customers receive. The account executive team at Carolina Speech includes John George, who covers the North East territory, Lyndsay Parker, who covers Texas, and Natalie Vinson, who covers the South East territory. This group has all been with Carolina Speech for over 4 years, and brings a tremendous amount of knowledge and reliable excellence to CSP. Working alongside a sales team that embodies all four core values is an honor and I am so thankful for all that this team does! I am so fortunate to be apart of such a dedicated team. We look forward to continuing to serve your patients and providing the highest level of reliable excellence every day.





Kevin Jose
Director of Sales