At Carolina Speech Pathology, we have recently updated our FEES Training format. We have a prerequisite online self-study, Introduction to FEES that is required prior to taking CSP Hands-on FEES Training Course. It is bundled into the price of that course; however, it can be taken separately. Note, if you have already paid for and taken the Introduction to FEES course and are registering for the in-person course, you can email for a coupon to take the price of the introduction course off the price of the in-person course.

The online Introduction to FEES self-study is offered for 1.5 ASHA CEUs and provides the foundation for starting your journey toward FEES competency. Taught by a team of experienced clinicians, it is informative and practical and includes video presentations, images/video clips from FEES exams, and relevant research articles to support learning. The instructors will hold intermittent web chats for Q and A for participants in this course.

CSP’s Hands-on FEES Training Course will go over a FEES protocol in detail and teach you how to perform FEES. You will learn how to pass the endoscope utilizing good body mechanics, achieving ideal pre-swallow and post-swallow views. We will discuss tips for tricky scope passes and suggestions for improving the comfort of your patient. Our instructors will mentor and supervise you completing a minimum of 15 normal scope passes. Time is spent reviewing FEES exams to begin working on FEES interpretation skills. During the COVID pandemic, appropriate PPE is provided during the in-person trainings. Also, pre-conference health screenings are performed and there is no charge to cancel registration in the case of illness.

Why should you get FEES trained with CSP?

Our instructors are top-notch. CSP’s FEES Course instructors have been deemed competent for supervision and training in FEES by board certified Otolaryngologists. They have each completed thousands of FEES in various settings and have undergone extensive and ongoing training to ensure they are practicing at the top of their license. They frequently attend high level conferences such as Dysphagia Research Society. Not only are they knowledgeable, they are exceptionally kind and approachable. A calm and easy-going environment is provided where you can learn this new skill with gentle, helpful feedback in a safe, judgement-free zone.

Our hybrid online and in-person learning platform allows you to take your time and absorb the information at your own pace. We include lots of practical case examples from clinicians who work in the trenches. Our 2021 courses, which include the online prerequisite in addition to our in-person training, are offered for $625. This is a steal for the amount of ASHA CEUs you receive (2.7 ASHA CEUs)! Once the course is completed, you receive discounts on our FEES interpretation courses, Get Focused: An Advanced FEES Interpretation Workshop, Beyond the Scope, and Laryngeal Variations Identified on FEES.

Also, our relationship isn’t over after you complete your training courses with us! We are here to support you. You can always email us at and we will answer any of your FEES-related questions. We also want to hear your success stories! We sincerely hope you will keep us posted on how you are progressing with implementing FEES into your practice.