Due to the pandemic, we have been putting some effort into our online courses. We recently created an Introduction to FEES online course that we are extremely proud of!  It includes much of what is in the lecture portion of our live, in-person FEES training courses, as well as some required reading of relevant journal articles. Obviously, it lacks the hands-on application since it is a virtual course; however, one should be prepared to begin hands-on training with a mentor on normals and then on patients. Also, this course will be a prerequisite to our hands-on courses once we resume them 2021. Since we rolled this course out a few months ago, the feedback has been extremely positive!
We have begun to offer Introduction to FEES Course to a few universities. Some are using it as a course requirement in their dysphagia course and some are using it as an extra project for students with a strong interest in medical speech pathology. So far the feedback from students has been wonderful, in addition, professors appreciate having this to enhance their virtual courses.
The course is approved by ASHA for 15 hours of learning (1.5 ASHA CEUs)
  • The regular price of the course is $295
  • If you are a professor who teaches a graduate level dysphagia course you can access the course for free, email education@carolinafees.com for details. 
  • To offer this course for a few students, email education@carolinafees.com for a discount code taking $145 off, bringing the cost to $150.
  • If you decide you would like to make this course a requirement for your class, we can offer it to you for $89 per student. With this option, we can send you periodic progress reports throughout the semester, upon request. If you are interested in this option, email education@carolinafees.com and we will create a coupon code specifically for your students.  
Find more about the course here: